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Serbia, First Kingdom of (1217 - 1346)

The Kingdom of Serbia (Serbian: краљевина Србија/kraljevina Srbija), or Serbian Kingdom (Српска краљевина/Srpska kraljevina), ruled Medieval Serbia from 1217 to 1346, led by the Nemanjić dynasty. The Serbian Grand Principality was elevated with the coronation of Stefan Prvovenčani (the First-Crowned) as "King of Serbia" by his brother, bishop Sava, after inheriting all territories unified by their father, Stefan Nemanja. Nemanja is regarded as the most remarkable Serb in history according to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Kingdom was proclaimed an Empire on 16 April 1346.

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Official NameSerbia, First Kingdom of
FlagFlag of Serbia, First Kingdom of
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Serbian Dinar 1214 1346