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Francia (Kingdom of the Franks) (481 - 843)

Francia or Frankia, also called the Kingdom of the Franks (Latin: Regnum Francorum), Frankish Kingdom, Frankish Empire, Frankish Realm or occasionally Frankland, was the territory inhabited and ruled by the Franks, a confederation of West Germanic tribes, during Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.

The kingdom was founded by Clovis I, crowned first King of the Franks in 496. Under the nearly continuous campaigns of Pepin of Herstal, Charles Martel, Pepin the Younger, Charlemagne, and Louis the Pious - father, son, grandson, great-grandson and great-great-grandson - the greatest expansion of the Frankish empire was secured by the early 9th century.

The tradition of dividing patrimonies among brothers meant that the Frankish realm was ruled, nominally, as one polity subdivided into several regna (kingdoms or sub-kingdoms). The geography and number of sub-kingdoms varied over time, but the particular term Francia came generally to refer to just one regnum, that of Austrasia, centred on the Rhine and Meuse rivers in northern Europe. Even so, sometimes the term was used as well to encompass Neustria north of the Loire and west of the Seine.

Eventually, the singular use of the name Francia shifted towards Paris, and settled on the region of the Seine basin surrounding Paris, which still today bears the name Île-de-France and gave its name to the entire Kingdom of France. Most Frankish Kings were buried in the Basilica of Saint Denis, near Paris. Modern France is still named Francia in Spanish and Italian as well as Frankreich in German and Frankrijk in Dutch.

Byzantine coinage was in use in Francia before Theudebert I began minting his own money at the start of his reign. The solidus and triens were minted in Francia between 534 and 679. The denarius (or denier) appeared later, in the name of Childeric II and various non-royals around 673–675. A Carolingian denarius replaced the Merovingian one, and the Frisian penning, in Gaul from 755 to the eleventh century.

The denarius subsequently appeared in Italy issued in the name of Carolingian monarchs after 794, later by so-called "native" kings in the tenth century, and later still by the German Emperors from Otto I (962). Finally, denarii were issued in Rome in the names of pope and emperor from Leo III and Charlemagne onwards to the late tenth century.

Francia (Kingdom of the Franks): List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
King Clovis I 509 27 November 511
King Chlodomer (Orléans) 27 November 511 524
King Theuderic I (Reims) 27 November 511 533
King Childebert I (Paris 511-524, Paris and Orléans 524-558) 27 November 511 13 December 558
King Chlothar I 27 November 511 29 November 561
King Theudebert I (Reims) 533 548
King Theudebald (Reims) 548 555
King Charibert I (Paris) 29 November 561 December 567
King Sigebert I (Reims and Metz) 29 November 561 575
King Chilperic I (Soissons) 29 November 561 September 584
King Guntram (Orléans) 29 November 561 28 January 592
King Childebert II (Reims and Metz) 575 595
King Chlothar II September 584 18 October 629
King Theudebert II (Reims and Metz) 595 612
King Theuderic II (Orléans) 595 613
King Sigebert II (Orléans) 613 613
King Dagobert I 623 19 January 639
King Charibert II (Aquitaine) 629 8 April 632
King Chilperic (Aquitaine) 632 632
King Sigebert III (Austrasia) 634 656
King Clovis II (Neustria and Burgundy) 19 January 639 27 November 657
King Childebert III the Adopted (Austrasia) 656 661
King Chlothar III (Neustria and Burgundy) 27 November 657 673
King Childeric II (Austrasia 662-673, Austrasia, Neustria and Burgundy to 675) 662 675
King Theuderic III (Neustria and Burgundy), first reign 673 673
King Clovis III (Austrasia) 675 676
King Theuderic III (Neustria and Burgundy second reign, then unified) 675 12 April 691
King Dagobert II (Austrasia) 676 23 December 679
King Clovis IV 691 695
King Childebert III 695 23 April 711
King Dagobert III 23 April 711 31 December 715
King Chilperic II 31 December 715 13 February 721
King Chlothar IV (rival king in Austrasia) 717 718
King Theuderic IV 13 February 721 737
King Childeric III 743 March 751
King Pepin the Short 751 24 September 768
King Carloman I 24 September 768 4 December 771
King Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor 24 September 768 28 January 814
King Louis the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor 28 January 814 20 June 840
King Charles the Bald 20 June 840 August 843
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Francia (Kingdom of the Franks): Details
Official NameFrancia (Kingdom of the Franks)
Original NameRegnum Francorum
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