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Information about Croatia, Habsburg Kingdom of.

Country: Croatia, Habsburg Kingdom of
Province ofAustrian Empire
From year1526
Existed to1868

The Kingdom of Croatia (Croatian: Kraljevina Hrvatska; Latin: Regnum Croatiae Hungarian: Horvát Királyság German: Königreich Kroatien) was an administrative division that existed between 1527 and 1868 within the Habsburg Monarchy (also known between 1804 and 1867 as the Austrian Empire). The Kingdom was a part of the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen, but was subject to direct Imperial Austrian rule for significant periods of time, including its final years. Its capital was Zagreb.

Until the 18th century, the Habsburg Kingdom of Croatia included only a small north-western part of present-day Croatia around Zagreb, and a small strip of coastland around Rijeka that was not part of the Ottoman Empire or part of the Habsburg Military Frontier. Between 1744 and 1868 the Kingdom of Croatia included a subordinate autonomous kingdom, the Kingdom of Slavonia. The territory of the Slavonian Kingdom was recovered from the Ottoman Empire, and was subsequently part of the Habsburg Military Frontier for a period. In 1744 these territories were organized as the Kingdom of Slavonia and included within the Kingdom of Croatia as an autonomous part. In 1868 both were merged again into the newly formed Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.

Monarch reigns
Ferdinand I. (King Ferdinand I), Holy Roman Emperor 16 December 1526 25 July 1564
Maksimilijan I. (King Maximilian I), Holy Roman Emperor as Maximilian II 8 September 1563 12 October 1576
King Rudolf, Holy Roman Emperor as Rudolf II 25 September 1572 25 June 1608
Matija II. (King Matthias II), Holy Roman Emperor as Matthias 25 June 1608 1 July 1618
Ferdinand II. (King Ferdinand II), Holy Roman Emperor 1 July 1618 15 February 1637
Ferdinand III. (King Ferdinand III), Holy Roman Emperor 8 December 1625 2 April 1657
Leopold I. (King Leopold I), Holy Roman Emperor 2 April 1657 5 May 1705
Josip I. (King Joseph I), Holy Roman Emperor 5 May 1705 17 April 1711
Karlo III. (King Charles III), Holy Roman Emperor 17 April 1711 20 October 1740
Marija Terezija (Queen Maria Theresa), Archduchess of Austria 20 October 1740 29 November 1780
Josip II. (King Joseph II), Holy Roman Emperor 29 November 1780 20 February 1790
Leopold II. (King Leopold II), Holy Roman Emperor 20 February 1790 1 March 1792
Franjo I. (King Francis I), Holy Roman Emperor as Francis II 1 March 1792 2 March 1835
Ferdinand V. (King Ferdinand V) 2 March 1835 2 December 1848
Franjo Josip I. (King Francis Joseph I) 2 December 1848 26 September 1868