Eritrea, Italian: Information

Eritrea, Italian (1890 - 1947)

Italian Eritrea was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy in the territory of present-day Eritrea. Although it was formally created in 1890, the first Italian settlements in the area were established in 1882 around Assab. The colony officially lasted until 1947.

Eritrea, Italian: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
King Umberto I of Italy 1890 29 July 1900
King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy 29 July 1900 9 May 1946
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Eritrea, Italian: Details
Official NameItalian Eritrea
Original NameEritrea
FlagFlag of Eritrea, Italian
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Eritrea, Italian: Currencies Used
Eritrean Tallero 1890 1921
Italian East African Lira 1938 1941