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Katanga (1960 - 1963)

The State of Katanga (French: État du Katanga; Swahili: Inchi Ya Katanga), also sometimes denoted as the Republic of Katanga, was a breakaway state that proclaimed its independence from Congo-Léopoldville on 11 July 1960 under Moise Tshombe, leader of the local Confédération des associations tribales du Katanga (CONAKAT) political party. The new Katangese state did not enjoy full support throughout the province and was constantly racked by ethnic strife in its northernmost region. It was dissolved in 1963 following an invasion by United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) forces, and reintegrated with the rest of the country as Katanga Province.

The Katangese secession was made with the support of Union Minière du Haut Katanga, a Belgian mining company, and a large contingent of Belgian military advisers. A paramilitary force designated the Katanga Gendarmerie, raised by the Tshombe government, was initially organised and trained by Belgium and subsequently, mercenaries of various nationalities.

The country issued its own currency - the Katangese franc - in 1961. The currency was replaced at par by the Congolese franc in 1963.

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Katanga: Details
Official NameState of Katanga
Original NameKatanga
FlagFlag of Katanga
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms of of Katanga
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Katanga: Currencies Used
Katangese Franc 1961 1963