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Croatia-Slavonia, Kingdom of (1868 - 1918)

The Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (Croatian: Kraljevina Hrvatska i Slavonija; Hungarian: Horvát-Szlavón Királyság; German: Königreich Kroatien und Slawonien) was a nominally autonomous kingdom within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, created in 1868 by merging the kingdoms of Croatia and Slavonia following the Croatian-Hungarian Settlement. It was associated with the Hungarian Kingdom within the dual Austro-Hungarian state, being within the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen or Transleithania. The kingdom was ruled by the Habsburg Emperor-King of Austria-Hungary (Kaiser und König) under his title as "King of Croatia and Slavonia". The King's appointed steward was the Ban of Croatia and Slavonia. Although it was under the suzerainty of the Crown of Saint Stephen, the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia kept a significant level of self-rule.

In 1918, the kingdom declared independence and reformed into the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs.

Croatia-Slavonia, Kingdom of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Franjo Josip I. (King Francis Joseph I) 26 September 1868 21 November 1916
Karlo IV. (King Charles IV) 21 November 1916 11 November 1918
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Croatia-Slavonia, Kingdom of: Details
Official NameKingdom of Croatia-Slavonia
Original NameKönigreich Kroatien und Slawonien
FlagFlag of Croatia-Slavonia, Kingdom of
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