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Baden, Margraviate of (1112 - 1803)

The Margraviate of Baden (German: Markgrafschaft Baden) was a historical territory of the Holy Roman Empire. Spread along the east side of the Upper Rhine River in southwestern Germany, it was named a margraviate in 1112 and existed until 1803, when it was raised to an electorate. In 1806, the Electorate of Baden, receiving territorial additions, became the Grand Duchy of Baden. The rulers of Baden belonged to the Swabian House of Zähringen.

In 1803, because of the efforts of the Russian Tsar, the Margrave gained the Bishopric of Constance, parts of the Rhenish Palatinate, and several other smaller districts, thereby gaining the dignity of an Elector-Prince. The Margraviate of Baden thereby became the Electorate of Baden.

Baden, Margraviate of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Markgraf Hermann VI. (Margrave Herman VI) 16 January 1243 4 October 1250
Markgraf Friedrich I. (Margrave Frederick I) 4 October 1250 29 October 1268
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Baden, Margraviate of: Details
Official NameMargraviate of Baden
Original NameMarkgrafschaft Baden
FlagFlag of Baden, Margraviate of
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