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Moravia, Margraviate of (1182 - 1918)

The Margraviate of Moravia (Czech: Markrabství moravské; German: Markgrafschaft Mähren) or March of Moravia was a marcher state existing from 1182 to 1918 and one of the lands of the Bohemian Crown. It was officially administrated by a margrave in cooperation with a provincial diet. It was variously a de facto independent state, and also subject to the Duchy, later the Kingdom of Bohemia. It comprised the region called Moravia within the modern Czech Republic.

Moravia, Margraviate of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Markrabě Vladislav III. (Margrave Vladislaus III) 16 October 1239 3 January 1247
Markrabě Jošt (Margrave Jobst) 12 November 1375 18 January 1411
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Royal Mint
Moravia, Margraviate of: Details
Official NameMargraviate of Moravia
Original NameMarkrabství moravské
FlagFlag of Moravia, Margraviate of
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