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Information about Moravia, Margraviate of.

Country: Moravia, Margraviate of
Province ofBohemia
From year1182
Existed to1918

The Margraviate of Moravia (Czech: Markrabství moravské; German: Markgrafschaft Mähren) or March of Moravia was a marcher state existing from 1182 to 1918 and one of the lands of the Bohemian Crown. It was officially administrated by a margrave in cooperation with a provincial diet. It was variously a de facto independent state, and also subject to the Duchy, later the Kingdom of Bohemia. It comprised the region called Moravia within the modern Czech Republic.

Monarch reigns
Markrabě Vladislav III. (Margrave Vladislaus III) 16 October 1239 3 January 1247
Markrabě Jošt (Margrave Jobst) 12 November 1375 18 January 1411