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Novgorod Republic (1136 - 1478)

The Novgorod Republic (Russian: Новгоро́дская респу́блика, translit: Novgorodskaja respublika; Old Church Slavonic: Новгородскаѧ земьлѧ / Novgorodskaja zemľa) was a medieval Russian state which stretched from the Baltic Sea to the northern Ural Mountains between the 12th and 15th centuries, which included the city of Novgorod and the Lake Ladoga regions. Citizens referred to their city-state as "His Majesty (or Sovereign) Lord Novgorod the Great" (Gosudař Gospodin Velikij Novgorod), or more often as "Lord Novgorod the Great" (Gospodin Velikij Novgorod). The Republic prospered as the easternmost port of the Hanseatic League.

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Official NameNovgorod Republic
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