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Poland (1945 - )

Poland (officially the Republic of Poland), is a country in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) and Lithuania to the north. The total area of Poland is 312,679 square kilometres, making it the 71st largest country in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. With a population of over 38.5 million people, Poland is the 34th most populous country in the world, the sixth most populous member of the European Union, and the most populous post-communist member of the European Union. Poland is a unitary state divided into 16 administrative subdivisions.

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Poland: Details
Official NamePoland
FlagFlag of Poland
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Poland: Currencies Used
Second Złoty 1924 1950
Third Złoty 1950 1996
Fourth Złoty 1995