Angola, Portuguese: Information

Angola, Portuguese (1575 - 1975)

Portuguese Angola refers to Angola during the historic period when it was a territory under Portuguese rule in southwestern Africa. In the same context, it is also occasionally referred to as Portuguese West Africa.

Initially ruling along the coast and engaging in military conflicts with the Kingdom of Kongo, in the 18th century Portugal gradually managed to colonise the interior Highlands. However, full control of the entire territory was not achieved until the beginning of the 20th century, when agreements with other European powers during the Scramble for Africa fixed the colony's interior borders. In 1975, Portuguese Angola became the independent People's Republic of Angola.

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Angola, Portuguese: Details
Official NameProvince of Angola
Original NameAngola
FlagFlag of Angola, Portuguese
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Angola, Portuguese: Currencies Used
Angolan Real 1695 1914
Angolan Escudo (First) 1914 1928
Angolar 1928 1958
Angolan Escudo (Second) 1958 1977