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Royal Prussia (1466 - 1772)

Royal Prussia (Polish: Prusy Królewskie; German: Königlich-Preußen or Preußen Königlichen Anteils, Kashubian: Królewsczé Prësë) or Polish Prussia (Polish: Prusy Polskie; German: Polnisch-Preußen) was a region of the Kingdom of Poland from 1466 to 1772.

Royal Prussia was established after the Second Peace of Thorn (1466), from territory in western Prussia ceded by the State of the Teutonic Order and incorporated into the Kingdom of Poland. The region became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569, and its autonomy and political status were re-organized several times during its existence. Royal Prussia was dissolved in 1772 when it was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in the First Partition of Poland, and the majority of its territory was formed into the province of West Prussia.

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Royal Prussia: Details
Official NameRoyal Prussia
Original NamePrusy Królewskie
FlagFlag of Royal Prussia
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms of of Royal Prussia
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Royal Prussia: Currencies Used
Red Złoty (Polish Union with Lithuania) 1526 1569
Red Złoty 1569 1772