Serbian Empire: Information

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Serbian Empire (1346 - 1371)

The Serbian Empire (Serbian: Српско Царство / Srpsko Carstvo) is a historiographical term for the empire in the Balkan peninsula that emerged from the medieval Serbian Kingdom. It was established in 1346 by King Stefan Dušan, known as "the Mighty", who significantly expanded the state. He also promoted the Serbian Church to an Orthodox patriarchate. His son and successor, Stephen Uroš V the Weak, lost most of the territory (hence his epithet). The Serbian Empire effectively ended with Stephen V's death in 1371 and the break-up of the Serbian state. Some of Stephen V's successors in parts of Serbia claimed the title of Emperor until 1402.

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Serbian Empire: Details
Official NameSerbian Empire
FlagFlag of Serbian Empire
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms of of Serbian Empire
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Serbian Empire: Currencies Used
Serbian Dinar 1346 1371