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Sibir, Khanate of (1400 - 1598)

The Khanate of Sibir, also historically called the Khanate of Turan, was a Turkic Khanate located in southwestern Siberia with a Turco-Mongol ruling class. Throughout its history, members of the Shaybanid and Taibugid dynasties often contested the rulership over the Khanate between each other; both of these competing tribes were direct patrilineal descendants of Genghis Khan through his eldest son Jochi and Jochi's fifth son Shayban (Shiban). The area of the Khanate was itself once an integral part of the Mongol Empire, and later came under the control of the White Horde and of the Golden Horde.

The Khanate of Sibir ruled an ethnically diverse population of Turkic Siberian Tatars and various Uralic peoples including the Khanty, Mansi and Selkup. The Sibir Khanate was the northernmost Muslim state in recorded history. Its defeat by Yermak Timofeyevich in 1582 marked the beginning of the Russian conquest of Siberia.

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Sibir, Khanate of: Details
Official NameKhanate of Sibir
Original NameСыбыр Ханлыҡ
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