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Valencia (1238 - 1707)

The Kingdom of Valencia (Valencian: Regne de València; Spanish: Reino de Valencia; Latin: Regnum Valentiae), located in the eastern shore of the Iberian Peninsula, was one of the component realms of the Crown of Aragon. When the Crown of Aragon merged by dynastic union with the Crown of Castile to form the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Valencia became a component realm of the Spanish monarchy.

The Kingdom of Valencia was formally created in 1238 when the Moorish taifa of Valencia was taken in the course of the Reconquista. It was dissolved by Philip V of Spain in 1707, by means of the Nueva Planta decrees, as a result of the Spanish War of Succession.

During its existence, the Kingdom of Valencia was ruled by the laws and institutions stated in the Furs (charters) of Valencia which granted it wide self-government under the Crown of Aragon and, later on, under the Spanish Kingdom.

The boundaries and identity of the present Spanish Autonomous Community of Valencia are essentially those of the former Kingdom of Valencia.

Valencia: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Jaime II (King James II), King of Aragon 18 June 1291 2 November 1327
Alfons II (King Alfonso II), King of Aragon as Alfonso IV 2 November 1327 24 January 1336
Pedro II (King Peter II), King of Aragon as Peter IV 24 January 1336 6 January 1387
Juan I (King John I), King of Aragon 6 January 1387 19 May 1396
King Martin I, King of Aragon 19 May 1396 31 May 1410
Fernando I (King Ferdinand I), King of Aragon 3 September 1412 2 April 1416
King Alfonso III, King of Aragon as Alfonso V 2 April 1416 27 June 1458
Juan II (King John II), King of Aragon 27 June 1458 20 January 1479
Fernando II (King Ferdinand II), King of Aragon 31 January 1504 23 January 1516
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Valencia: Details
Official NameValencia
Original NameValència
FlagFlag of Valencia
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