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West Francia (843 - 987)

In medieval historiography, West Francia (Latin: Francia occidentalis) or the Kingdom of the West Franks (regnum Francorum occidentalium) was the western part of Charlemagne's Empire, inhabited and ruled by the Germanic Franks, and forms the earliest stage of the Kingdom of France, lasting from about 840 until 987. West Francia was formed out of the division of the Carolingian Empire in 843 under the Treaty of Verdun after the death of Emperor Louis the Pious and the east–west division which "gradually hardened into the establishment of separate kingdoms (...) of what we can begin to call Germany and France".

West Francia extended further south than modern France, but it did not extend as far east. By the 10th century the rule of its kings was greatly reduced and it did not include Lorraine, Burgundy, Alsace and Provence as well as Normandy which was given to Normans in return for end of raiding. In Brittany and Catalonia the authority of the West Frankish king was barely felt. West Frankish kings were elected by the secular and ecclesiastic magnates, and for the half-century between 888 and 936 they chose alternatingly from the Carolingian and Robertian houses. By this time the power of king became weaker and more nominal, as the regional dukes and nobles became more powerful in their semi-independent regions. The Robertians, after becoming counts of Paris and dukes of France became kings themselves and established the Capetian dynasty.

West Francia: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
King Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor August 843 6 October 877
King Louis the Stammerer 6 October 877 10 April 879
King Louis III 10 April 879 5 August 882
King Carloman II 5 August 882 6 December 884
King Charles the Fat, Holy Roman Emperor 20 May 885 13 January 888
King Odo 29 February 888 1 January 898
King Charles III the Simple 28 January 898 30 June 922
King Robert I 30 June 922 15 June 923
Rodulfus (King Rudolph) 13 July 923 14 January 936
King Louis IV 19 June 936 10 September 954
King Lothair 12 November 954 2 March 986
King Louis V 8 June 986 22 May 987
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West Francia: Details
Official NameKingdom of the West Franks
Original NameFrancia occidentalis
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