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Artsakh Dram (2004 - present)
Currency NameArtsakh Dram
System1 Dram = 100 Luma

The Artsakh dram (Armenian: Արցախյան դրամ) is a monetary unit of the de facto independent Republic of Artsakh. Although it is legal tender, it is not as widely used as the Armenian dram.

2 and 10 dram banknotes have been issued, bearing the date 2004 and printed by Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (Austria State Printing House).

Five different coins have also been issued, all also dated 2004. They are two aluminum 50 luma coins featuring a horse and a leaping antelope, three aluminum 1 dram coins featuring a wildcat, a pheasant and St. Gregory the illuminator, and two aluminum-bronze 5 dram coins featuring the cathedral in the town of Shushi and the Stone Head Monument. A new series of coins was issued in 2013, and consists of two 50 luma coins featuring a horse and antelope, three 1 dram coins depicting a leopard, wolf and pheasant and two five dram coins showing a bear and a capricorn.

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