Information about currency: Cypriot Pound (Mils)

Cypriot Pound (Mils) (1963 - 1983)
Currency NameCypriot Pound (Mils)
System1 Pound = 1000 Mils

In 1960, when Cyprus became independent under the terms of the 1959 Independence Agreement, the Queen Elizabeth II coinage was allowed to stay in circulation.

In 1963, the Republic of Cyprus began to issue its first coins. These were struck at the Royal Mint in London. The coins in the 1963 issue consisted of the following: 1 mil, 5 mils, 25 mils, 50 mils, and 100 mils.

From 1970, the issue of 500 mil coins began to be issued. The 1970 500 mil coin was issued to commemorate the F.A.O. and the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations. Other 500 mil coins were issued.

In 1976, a 1-pound coin was issued to commemorate refugees of the 1974 Turkish invasion.

In 1977, a gold 50 pounds was struck as a commemorative at the Royal Mint, Llantrisant. This coin commemorates Archbishop Makarios III, who remained in office as President of Cyprus until his death.

In 1981 and 1982, 5 mil coins were struck with the name 'Cyprus' trilingually inscribed—'Kypros' in Greek, 'Cyprus' in English and 'Kıbrıs' in Turkish.

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