Information about currency: Guernsey Pound (pre-decimal)

Guernsey Pound (pre-decimal) (1830 - 1971)
Currency NameGuernsey Pound (pre-decimal)

The pound is the currency of Guernsey. Since 1921, Guernsey has been in currency union with the United Kingdom and the Guernsey pound is not a separate currency but is a local issue of banknotes and coins denominated in pound sterling, in a similar way to the banknotes issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It can be exchanged at par with other sterling coinage and notes.

For this reason, ISO 4217 does not include a separate currency code for the Guernsey pound, but where a distinct code is desired GGP is generally used.

In 1971, the old Guernsey Pound was decimalised together with the Pound Sterling.

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Guernsey Pound (pre-decimal): Details
Issued ByGuernsey
Guernsey Pound (pre-decimal): Users
Flag of Guernsey Guernsey Guernsey Pound (pre-decimal) 1830 1971
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