Information about currency: Italian Somaliland Lira

Italian Somaliland Lira (1925 - 1941)
Currency NameItalian Somaliland Lira

The Italian Somaliland lira also called the Somali lira, was a special version of the Italian lira minted in Italian Somaliland between 1925 and 1926. The "Italian Somali Lira" replaced the Italian Somaliland rupia at a rate of 8 lire = 1 rupia. Only coins of £5 and £10 were issued, which circulated alongside Italian coins and banknotes. From 1938, banknotes for the Italian East African lira also circulated. The coin circulation officially lasted until 1941.

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Italian Somaliland Lira: Details
Issued BySomaliland, Italian
Italian Somaliland Lira: Users
Flag of Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, Italian Italian Somaliland Lira 1925 1941