Information about currency: Lats (First Lats, 1922 - 1941)

Lats (First Lats, 1922 - 1941) (1922 - 1941)
Currency NameLats (First Lats, 1922 - 1941)
System1 Lats = 100 Santīmi

The lats was first introduced in August 1922, replacing the Latvian rublis at a rate of 1 lats = 50 rubļi. The lats was pegged against the gold standard from its introduction till 1940.

On 17 June 1940, Latvia was occupied by the USSR. After the dismantling of the Bank of Latvia and its replacement with the Latvia Republican Office of the Gosbank on 10 October, the Soviet ruble was introduced alongside the lats on 25 November 1940 at par, although the real monetary value of the rouble was about three times lower and thus both wages and prices were gradually raised to devalue the lats from June to November 1940. To lessen the effect of the exodus of goods sent by Soviet occupational personnel to the USSR, taking advantage of the new exchange rate, buyer limits for various goods were introduced.

Although the Soviet authorities initially pledged not to abolish the lats, it was taken out of circulation without prior warning at 13:05 on 25 March 1941, simultaneously nationalising all deposits larger than 1,000 lats. A part of the Latvian gold, silver and currency reserves were sent to Moscow at the start of the occupation.

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