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Information about currency: Lombardo-Venetian Florin

Currency nameLombardo-Venetian Florin
Dates1862 - 1866

1 Florin = 100 Soldi


The florin was the currency of Lombardy-Venetia (reduced to the sole Venetia three years before) between 1862 and 1866. It replaced the Lira at a rate of 1 florin = 3 pounds. The florin was equivalent to the Austro-Hungarian gulden (also called the florin). Although it was subdivided into 100 soldi rather than 100 Kreuzer, Austrian coins circulated in Venetia. The only coins issued specifically for Venetia were copper  1⁄2 and 1 soldo pieces. The name soldo was chosen due to the equivalence of the predecimal Kreuzer and soldo, both worth  1⁄120 of a Conventionsthaler.

The florin was replaced by the Italian lira at the rate of 1 lira =  40 1⁄2 soldi (1 florin = 2.469 lire). This rate corresponded to the comparative silver contents of the lira and florin coins.

Currency Lombardo-Venetian Florin was used:
Country From To
Lombardy-Venetia Lombardo-Venetian Florin 1862 1866