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Information about currency: Monégasque Franc

Currency nameMonégasque Franc
Dates1837 - 1996

1 Franc = 100 Centimes


The franc (ISO 4217: MCF) was the official currency of the Principality of Monaco until 1995 (de facto, 1996 de jure), when it changed to the French Franc. The franc was subdivided into 100 centimes or 10 décimes. The Monégasque franc circulated alongside the French franc with the same value. Like the French franc, the Monégasque franc was revalued in 1960 at a rate of 100 old francs = 1 new franc. The official euro-to-franc exchange rate was MCF 6.55957 to EUR 1.

Today, Monégasque coins have only numismatic value, including the fleurs de coins, or proof-like coins. The period for exchange of the coins for euros has expired.

The Monégasque franc was legal tender in Monaco, France and Andorra.

Currency Monégasque Franc was used:
Country From To
Monaco Monégasque Franc 1837 1996