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Information about currency: Nepalese Rupee

Currency nameNepalese Rupee
Dates1932 -

1 Rupee = 100 Paisa


The Nepalese rupee (Nepali: रुपैयाँ, symbol: रु, Rs.; code: NPR) is the official currency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The Nepalese rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal. The Nepalese rupee was introduced in 1932, when it replaced the Nepalese mohar at the rate 2:1.

Prior to 1994, the Nepalese rupee (रु) was pegged to the Indian rupee (₹) at the rate रु1.45 = ₹1, however since then it has been pegged at the rate रु1.60 = ₹1 currently.

Currency Nepalese Rupee was used:
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Nepal Nepalese Rupee 1932