Information about currency: Sicilian Piastra

Sicilian Piastra (1607 - 1815)
Currency NameSicilian Piastra
System1 Piastra = 12 Tari = 240 Grana

The piastra was the distinct currency of the Kingdom of Sicily until 1815. In order to distinguish it from the piastra issued on the mainland Kingdom of Sicily (also known as the Kingdom of Naples), it is referred to as the "Sicilian piastra" as opposed to the "Neapolitan piastra". These two piastra were equal but were subdivided differently. The Sicilian piastra was subdivided into 12 tarì, each of 20 grana or 120 piccoli. The oncia was worth 30 tarì (2½ piastra).

In 1815, a single piastra currency was introduced for the Two Sicilies.

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Issued BySicily
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