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Information about currency: Sudanese Dinar

Currency nameSudanese Dinar
Dates1992 - 2007


The dinar was the currency of Sudan between 1992 and 2007. It replaced the first Sudanese pound (SDP) on June 8, 1992 at a rate of 1 dinar = 10 pounds. On January 10, 2007, a second Sudanese pound (SDG) was introduced at a rate of 1 pound = 100 dinars. The pound and the dinar were to be accepted as legal currency side by side during the six-month period but cheques were to be cashed in pounds from the commercial banks. This second Sudanese pound became the only legal tender as of July 1, 2007.

Currency Sudanese Dinar was used:
Country From To
Sudan Sudanese Dinar 1992 2007