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Information about mint: Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chilean Mint)

Mint nameCasa de Moneda de Chile (Chilean Mint)
Dates1743 -

A gold coin with the effigy of King Ferdinand VI of Spain was the first piece struck in the workshops of the Chilean Mint, founded in 1743. With a history that spans close to three centuries, the Mint is Chile’s oldest operating establishment for minting coins and printing currency bills, which, among it’s list of clients include Chile, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Thailand and the Philippines among others.

The Chilean Mint has been minting coins since 1749. It first produced circulation coins for Chile when it was still a Spanish colony, and today it also makes them for other countries using automated, state of the art machines that meet today’s demanding international standards for coins in circulation.

The "S" mark on the coins and medals produced by the Chilean Mint is the country’s oldest mint mark. The symbol represents the Apostle Santiago (an "S" with a halo), the patron saint of the capital. This mint mark is recognized both locally and internationally as a seal of quality, the same quality that has earned the Chilean Mint its distinguished reputation.

Web sitehttp://www.cmoneda.cl/
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