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Information about mint: India Government Mint, Hyderabad (ex Nizam’s Mint)

Mint nameIndia Government Mint, Hyderabad (ex Nizam’s Mint)
LocationCherlapally, Hyderabad
Dates1803 -

India Government Mint, Hyderabad, a unit of Security Printing And Minting Corporation Of India Limited (wholly owned by Government of India) is one of the four Mints to discharge the sovereign function of Government of India in manufacturing of coins and supply to Reserve Bank of India for the purpose of circulation. It is presently situated in Cherlapally, 20 km from Secunderabad railway station and 48 km from the Hyderabad airport.

Consequent on the Federal Financial Integration in 1950, the erstwhile Nizam’s Mint at Hyderabad was taken over by the Government of India. The history of the Nizam’s Mint can be traced back to 1803, when the official Mint was established under Nawab Sikinder Jah, the third Nizam. Later on the Mint was constructed on 13th July 1903 at Saifabad and the present Mint at Cherlapally was started on 20th, August 1997 with modern machinery to produce 700 Million pieces of coins and 950 Million pieces of blanks to meet the growing demand.

This Unit has been engaged since then in the manufacture of coins of different denominations which involves different processes such as melting, rolling, blanking, annealing, pickling & polishing and stamping etc. While successfully discharging it’s sovereign function, the Mint is presently manufacturing coins in Rs.10/-, Rs.5/-, Rs.2/-, Re.1/- and 50 paise.

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