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Information about mint: J.R. Gaunt and Son

Mint nameJ.R. Gaunt and Son
CountryUnited Kingdom
Dates1884 - 1993

J.R. Gaunt and Son Ltd. from Birmingham, England, were medallists, bronzists, silversmiths, enamellists, die-stamping, manufacturers of badges, buttons, swords, and souvenirs.

Business founded in (or around) 1884 as J.R. Gaunt and Son when John Richard Gaunt and his eldest son, Charles Frederick (born 1864 in London), left their employment with the long established London military button-makers, Firmin & Sons, to set up on their own. They established a successful firm of medallists and bronzists, silversmiths, manufacturers of badges, buttons, swords and all manner of military accoutrements, souvenirs and advertising novelties, specialising in die-stamping and vitreous enamelling. One of their chief designers from the 1920s onwards was the sculptor, Edward Carter Preston

In 1899 Gaunt's became a limited company and traded under that name until 1993. The offices and production were located in Birmingham but from about 1905 the firm had showrooms in London. Gaunt's workshops were initially located at the intersection of Clifford street and Furnace Lane in the Birmingham district of Lozells. From 1895 (the year after becoming a Ltd. company) the firm occupied Warstone Works and stayed there until 1973. In 1981 Gaunt's relocated to Lower Tower Street Birmingham and in 1989 moved to part of the Birmingham Mint Site in Ickfield Street, where they remained until 1991. The firm's last premises were in Brearley Street. Trading ceased in 1993 but in 2010 J.R. Gaunt & Son was re-established in London and Birmingham.

Known mint marks of J.R. Gaunt and Son:
Letter G

J. R. Gaunt and Son had the letter G as a mint mark.

1 coins minted at J.R. Gaunt and Son:
CountryCoinMintageMint mark
British West Africa Shilling 1920 (Brass) 16,000 (16000) Letter G
Royal Mint Bullion
Royal Mint Bullion