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Information about mint: Suomen Rahapaja (Mint of Finland)

Mint nameSuomen Rahapaja (Mint of Finland)
Dates1860 -

In December 1859 the Finnish Senate petitioned the Tsar for permission for the country’s own unit of currency noting that the rouble was too large a unit of currency for a poor country such as Finland. The advantages of a smaller unit of currency were understood in St Petersburg and the Senate was charged with examining the matter in greater detail. At a full session of the Senate on March 10th 1860 a decision was made to propose as a unit of currency the markka, which would be a quarter of the value of the rouble and which would be divided into 100 penni. Based on this proposal Tsar Alexander II gave his approval to the new unit of currency on April 4th 1860.

Web sitehttp://www.suomenrahapaja.fi/eng/
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