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Surabaya Mint (1805 - 1843)

Established by the French entrepreneur and soldier Francois Loriaux. For more information on establishment: L.M.J. Boegheim, “François Loriaux, de stichter van de Duitenmunt te Soerabaja,” De Beeldenaar 3 (1996), pp131-134. The colonial government took over the enterprise in 1808.

J. Bucknill, The coins of the Dutch East Indies (London: Spink, 1931), pp163-164, about the situation in 1811: "A considerable amount coining machinery was found at the Mint of which the ubiquitous Prize Agent - a Mr John Brenton (described as "Prize Agent on the part of the captors") - made a list with the assistance of Zwekkert and another gentleman named Wardenaar; it was valued 5854 Spanish Dollars and 60 Stivers. The machinery and buildings (which, it may, incidentally, be mentioned, included the Church of the Calvinist community which Daendels had commandeered in 1808, there being no other suitable accommodation available, and in which he had installed the plate-rolling machinery) seem to have been in very fair condition. There was a large smelting house (290 x 56 feet) in area; two big sheds with laminating machines; a moulding-shed; the Church (with its machinery for "bringing the Copper to a proper thickness" previous to its being struck off") and about 60 machines of various kinds."

Surabaya Mint: Details
From Year1805
To Year1843
CountryNetherlands East Indies
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