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Don Everhart (19 August 1949 - )

Donald (Don) Nelson Everhart II is an American coin and medal engraver-medalist, and sculptor who has worked for the private Franklin Mint, as a freelance designer, and since 2004 for the United States Mint in Philadelphia.

Everhart modeled coins for foreign governments at the Franklin Mint for coin sets sold to collectors. Countries he did work for include Guyana, The Philippine Islands, Panama, Jamaica, The Netherlands Antilles, Papua New Guinea, Barbados, and Cook Islands.

For the United States Mint he created (designed and modelled) Statehood Quarter reverses for Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico, and has modelled California, Montana and Idaho designed by other artists. Other circulating coins include the 2005 nickel obverse profile of Thomas Jefferson, the first new obverse design on the nickel in 67 years.

For the U.S. Presidential Dollar series, beginning in 2007, he designed and modelled the Statue of Liberty reverse to appear on all issues. He designed and modelled John Quincy Adams, the sixth coin in the series, and modelled the fourth, a James Madison obverse. He designed and modelled the Dolly Madison obverse for the First Spouse gold coin in 2007, Elizabeth Monroe obverse in, 2008, and modelled the Martha Washington reverse.

U.S. commemorative coins he has designed or modelled include the obverse portrait of the Benjamin Franklin Founding Father silver dollar, 2006; Little Rock Central High School Desegregation silver dollar reverse, 2007; Jamestown 400th Anniversary silver dollar obverse, 2007; the Bald Eagle Silver Dollar obverse, 2008 the $5 Gold Bald Eagle reverse.

As a freelance commission he designed and modelled a series of 25 Marshall Islands coins for the British Royal Mint in 1990 - 1991. Each coin bore a legendary World War II aircraft. He also modelled a commemorative coin for the Royal Norwegian Mint.

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