Information about Duke Frederick I the Catholic of Austria

Duke Frederick I the Catholic of Austria (1175 - 16 April 1198)

Frederick I (German: Friedrich I. von Österreich), known as Frederick the Catholic (German: Friedrich der Katholische), was the Duke of Austria from 1195 to 1198. He was a member of the House of Babenberg.

In 1192, he was enfeoffed with his father with Austria and Styria, while the younger Leopold VI had no claim. On Leopold V's death-bed, at Graz, he caught all by surprise by granting the Duchy of Styria to Leopold VI, with Emperor Henry VI's approval. None raised objections and thus, Austria and Styria remained divided.

Duke Frederick left Austria in April or late spring 1197 for the German Crusade of 1197 in the company of Wolfger, Bishop of Passau and his uncle, Henry I, Duke of Mödling. In September, they sailed under the leadership of Conrad, Archbishop of Mainz & Chancellor of Germany from Messina and arrived weeks later to Acre. Frederick fell ill and died on April 16 while returning from Palestine at Acre.

Note: a later duke was also known as Frederick I of Austria (Frederick I the Fair, reigned 1308-1330).

Duke Frederick I the Catholic of Austria reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Herzog Friedrich I. (Duke Frederick I the Catholic) Flag of Austria, Duchy and Archduchy Austria, Duchy and Archduchy 31 December 1194 16 April 1198
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