Information about Duke Leopold I of Austria

Duke Leopold I of Austria (4 August 1290 - 28 February 1326)

Leopold I from the House of Habsburg was Duke of Austria and Styria - as co-ruler with his elder brother Frederick the Fair - from 1308 until his death. Born at Vienna, he was the third son of King Albert I of Germany and Elisabeth of Gorizia-Tyrol, a scion of the Meinhardiner dynasty.

After the death of his eldest brother Duke Rudolph III in 1307 and the assassination of King Albert in 1308, Leopold became head of the Habsburg dynasty and administrator of the Swabian home territories, where he started a retaliation campaign against his father's murderers.

Leopold died in Straßburg, aged 35. His remains were buried at Königsfelden Monastery in the Swiss town of Windisch in the Aargau.

Duke Leopold I of Austria reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Duke Frederick I and Duke Leopold I, joint rule Flag of Austria, Duchy and Archduchy Austria, Duchy and Archduchy 1 May 1308 28 February 1326
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