Information about Duke Manfred of Athens

Duke Manfred of Athens (1306 - 9 November 1317)

Manfred, infante of Sicily, was the second son of Frederick III of Sicily and Eleanor of Anjou.

He was appointed Duke of Athens in 1312 by his father at the request of the knights of the Catalan Company then in control of Athens. Manfred was only five when he was named Duke. His father sent Berenguer Estañol as his regent.

In 1316, Alfonso Fadrique, Manfred's elder (but illegitimate) brother, was appointed vicar general of Athens. The young Duke never set foot in his realm, however, for he died in a fall from his horse before his twelfth birthday. He died in Trapani and was buried in the Dominican church located there. His younger brother William succeeded him as Duke.

Duke Manfred of Athens reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Duke Manfred Athens, Duchy of 1312 9 November 1317
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