Information about Emerson Gerdan Abraham

Emerson Gerdan Abraham (1976 - )

Emerson Romney Gerdan Abraham (Emerson RG Abraham) is a coin designer and engraver.

Born in Pagadian City in the Philippines, he worked for the Central Bank of the Philippines from 2000 until 2014. From 2014 to 2017 he was mint engraver and 3D modeller for MPM Service Gmbh (the production arm of B.H. Mayer).

He has worked on various projects after that, mostly for Intaglio Mint.

Among other things, he is the engraver for the Icons of Inspiration series by APMEX, designed by Joel Iskowitz; on this series, his work is credited with his EA monogram.

In 2000, Emerson Abraham won the "Excellent Work" award of the Japan Mint in its International Coin Design Competition.

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The Definitive Guide to Australian Silver Coins
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