Information about Emperor Saba Asgad of Ethiopia

Emperor Saba Asgad of Ethiopia ((unknown) - 1299)

Five men known as sons of Yagbe'u Seyon ruled as Emperor of the Ethiopian Empire in succession between 1295 and 1299. The fourth of them was Saba Asgad (Amharic: ሳባ አሰገድ) who ruled 1298–1299.

Though later tradition remembered them as sons of Yagbe'u Seyon, their actual relationship is not clear, though they did succeed him.

Emperor Saba Asgad of Ethiopia reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
ሳባ አሰገድ (Emperor Saba Asgad) Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia 1298 1299
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Wild Winds Ancient Coins
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