Information about Emperor Valentinian II of the Roman Empire

Emperor Valentinian II of the Roman Empire (371 - 15 May 392)

Valentinian II (Latin: Flavius Valentinianus Augustus), was Roman Emperor from AD 375 to 392.

Valentinian himself seems to have exercised no real authority, and was a figurehead for various powerful interests: his mother, his co-emperors, and powerful generals. Since the Crisis of the Third Century, the empire had been ruled by powerful generals, a situation formalised by Diocletian and his collegiate system. While Constantine I and his sons had been strong military figures, they had also re-established the practice of hereditary succession, adopted by Valentinian I. The obvious flaw in these two competing requirements came in the reign of Valentinian II, a child. His reign was a harbinger of the fifth century, when children or nonentities, reigning as emperors, were controlled by powerful generals and officials.

Emperor Valentinian II of the Roman Empire reigned in...
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