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To13 January 703

Empress Jitō (持統天皇 Jitō-tennō) was the 41st monarch of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Jitō's reign spanned the years from 686 through 697.

In the history of Japan, Jitō was the third of eight women to take on the role of empress regnant. The two female monarchs before Jitō were Suiko and Kōgyoku/Saimei. The five women sovereigns reigning after Jitō were Gemmei, Genshō, Kōken/Shōtoku, Meishō and Go-Sakuramachi.

Empress Jitō of Japan reigned in...
Reigned asIn countryCoinsFromTo
持統天皇 (Empress Jitō) Japan 686 697