Information about Fritz Ulysse Landry

Fritz Ulysse Landry (26 September 1842 - 7 January 1927)

Fritz Ulysse Landry, born in Le Locle on September 26, 1842 and died in Neuchâtel on January 7, 1927, is a Swiss medallist and sculptor. H was the son of Ulysse Landry, an engraver.

Landry attended the college in Neuchâtel, after which he joined an engraver's apprenticeship in the family business. He first completed his artistic training with the painter Barthélemy Menn at the École des Beaux-Arts in Geneva and later with the sculptor and medallist Antoine Bovy in Paris, where he also worked as an engraver for a certain period.

In 1869 Fritz Ulysse Landry founded the vocational school for drawing in Neuchâtel, where he taught until 1892. In addition, he worked as a drawing teacher at the Collège latin and between 1873 and 1911 at the cantonal high school.

Landry's artistic work includes medals, reliefs, statuettes and tombs, as well as small bronze figures inspired by social issues. He is best known for being the designer of the most famous of the coins issued in Switzerland, the Vreneli gold francs, which broke with the conventional style of Swiss coins.

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