Information about Helmut Andexlinger

Helmut Andexlinger (1973 - )

Helmut Andexlinger is an Austrian engraver and coin designer. He graduated from the technical school for metal design in Steyr and studied communication sciences at the University of Vienna. Living in Vienna since 1996, he works as an engraver for the Austrian Mint and is responsible for creating coin and medal designs for Austria and other countries. One of his best-known works is the winning design of the 2-euro commemorative coin marking 10 years of euro cash in 2012, which was issued in all euro countries and San Marino, with a total circulation of 90 million pieces.

Some of his other designs are:
- 20 shillings: 150 years Austrian postage stamp (2000)
- 50 Schilling: Johann Strauss (1999), Farewell to the Schilling (2001)
- 500 shillings: Schattenburg (BS, 2001)
- 2 euros: 50 years of the State Treaty (2005), 50 years of the Treaty of Rome (2007), 10 years of euro cash (2012)
- 3 euros: value side (2016), bat (2016)
- 5 euros: value side (2002), Joseph Haydn (2009), Pummerin (2011), Land of the Forests (2011), New Year's coin 2014
- 10 euros: Schönbrunn (WS, 2003) and others
- 20 euros: Rome on the Danube: Virunum (WS, 2010) and others
- 25 euros niobium: City of Hall (BS), Semmeringbahn (BS), television, renewable energy, evolution, cosmology, time
- 50 Euro Gold: Orders and the World (2002), Gerard van Swieten, Theodor Billroth (WS), Clemens von Pirquet (WS)
- 100 Euro Gold: Vienna Secession, Church at Steinhof (BS), Wien river portal, Linke Wienzeile No. 38 (BS), Erzherzogshut, Stephanskrone (WS)

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