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Jody Clark (1 March 1981 - )

Jody Clark is an English engraver employed by the Royal Mint, notable for designing the fifth and latest portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to feature on coins of the pound sterling.

Since he joined the Royal Mint in September 2012, Clark has worked on a number of projects including commemorative pieces which were given to attendees of the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales and medals struck to commemorate the 2014 Ryder Cup. He has also worked on commissions for Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Lesotho and Tanzania. In 2014 a design by Clark was featured on the iconic Britannia coin. Prior to joining the Mint, Clark worked in commercial packaging design.

In 2015 it was announced that Clark's anonymous submission to a design competition had been chosen to become the fifth definitive coin portrait of Elizabeth II to feature on British coins. Clark is the first employee of the Royal Mint in over one hundred years to have designed such a portrait of the monarch. At the age of 33 when his design was chosen, Clark was younger than any of the other four designers to have created definitive portraits of Elizabeth II for British coinage at the time their design was chosen. Uniquely, Clark's portrait of The Queen was created using computer-aided design software to turn his initial sketches into the required low-relief model, with no manual sculpting being used at all. Production of coins bearing Clark's design began on 2 March 2015, and they appeared in circulation later in 2015.

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