Information about King Afonso I of Portugal

King Afonso I of Portugal (25 July 1106 - 6 December 1185)

Afonso I, nicknamed "the Conqueror" (Portuguese: O Conquistador), "the Founder" (O Fundador) or "the Great" (O Grande) by the Portuguese, and El-Bortukali [in Arabic البرتقالي] ("the Portuguese") and Ibn-Arrink [in Arabic ابن الرَّنك or ابن الرَنْق] ("son of Henry", "Henriques") by the Moors whom he fought, was the first King of Portugal. He achieved the independence of the southern part of the Kingdom of Galicia, the County of Portugal, from Galicia's overlord, the King of León, in 1139, establishing a new kingdom and doubling its area with the Reconquista, an objective that he pursued until his death in 1185, after forty-six years of wars against the Moors.

King Afonso I of Portugal reigned in...
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Dom Afonso I (King Afonso I) Flag of Portugal, Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of 26 July 1139 6 December 1185
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