Information about King Anund Gårdske of Sweden

King Anund Gårdske of Sweden ((unknown) - 1080)

Anund Gårdske was the king of Sweden around 1070 according to Adam of Bremen's Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum. According to this source, Anund came from Kievan Rus', presumably from Aldeigjuborg. Gårdske means that he came from Gardariki which was one of the Scandinavian names for Kievan Rus'. As a Christian he refused to sacrifice to the Norse gods at the Temple at Uppsala and was consequently deposed, in 1070.

King Anund Gårdske of Sweden reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
King Anund Gårdske Flag of Sweden Sweden 1070 1075
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