Information about King Ban Mueang of Sukhothai

King Ban Mueang of Sukhothai ((unknown) - 1279)

Ban Mueang (Thai: บานเมือง) was a king of Sukhothai, an ancient kingdom in Thailand. He was from the House of Phra Ruang.

He was the second son of King Si Inthrathit of Sukhothai and his wife, Sueang. He succeeded his father to the throne of Sukhothai in an unknown year and reigned until his death, which occurred around 1822 BE (1279/80 CE).

Ban Mueang was, upon his death, succeeded by his younger brother, Ram Khamhaeng.

A historical document, Jinakalamali, states that Ban Mueang had a son, Ngua Nam Thum, who later became a king of Sukhothai.

A great-great-grandchild of Ban Mueang was named after Ban Mueang according to the ancient custom of naming a baby after its ancestor. The great-great-grandchild also ascended the throne of Sukhothai as Mahathammaracha IV.

King Ban Mueang of Sukhothai reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
บานเมือง์์ (King Ban Mueang) Sukhothai Kingdom 1270 1279
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