Information about King Birger of Sweden

King Birger of Sweden (1280 - 31 May 1321)

Birger (Swedish: Birger Magnusson) was King of Sweden from 1290 to 1318.

Birger was only ten years old when his father died, at which time Torgils Knutsson was the most influential statesman in Sweden. In 1293, Torgils Knutsson led the Swedes to a victory which won a part of western Karelia. This expedition has traditionally been dubbed as the Third Swedish Crusade. When Torgils Knutsson returned from leading the crusade in Finland, a feud had developed between the brothers. Torgils Knutsson supported King Birger.

Birger was ousted by his brothers' supporters in 1318 and went into exile to his brother-in-law King Eric VI of Denmark, taking the Royal Archives with him. His son, Prince Magnus Birgersson, was executed at Stockholm. In 1319, the three-year-old son of Duke Erik, King Magnus VII of Norway, was hailed King Magnus IV of Sweden under the Regency of his grandmother Queen Helvig and his mother Duchess Ingeborg

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Birger Magnusson (King Birger) Flag of Sweden Sweden 18 December 1290 March 1318
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