Information about King Conrad I of the Franks

King Conrad I of the Franks (881 - 23 December 918)

Conrad I, called the Younger, was the first non-Carolingian king of East Francia from 911 to 918. He was the first elected king of East Francia and also the first one to be anointed. He was chosen as the king by the rulers of the East Frankish stem duchies after the death of young king Louis the Child. Prior to this election he had ruled the Duchy of Franconia from 906.

After the death of Louis the Child, Conrad was elected king of the East Francia on November 10, 911 at Forchheim by the rulers of Saxony, Swabia and Bavaria. The dukes prevented the succession to throne of Louis' Carolingian relative Charles the Simple, king of West Francia. They chose the Conradine scion, who was maternally related to the late king. Only Conrad's rival, Reginar, duke of Lotharingia refused to give him his allegiance and joined West Francia.

Severely injured at one of his battles with Arnulf, Conrad died on December 23, 918 at his residence in Weilburg Castle. He was buried in Fulda Cathedral.

King Conrad I of the Franks reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
King Conrad I East Francia 10 November 911 23 December 918
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