Information about King Constantine I of Scotland

King Constantine I of Scotland (836 - 877)

Causantín or Constantín mac Cináeda (in Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Choinnich) was a king of the Picts. He is often known as Constantine I in reference to his place in modern lists of kings of Scots, but contemporary sources described Causantín only as a Pictish king.

A son of Cináed mac Ailpín ("Kenneth MacAlpin"), he succeeded his uncle Domnall mac Ailpín as Pictish king following the latter's death on 13 April 862. It is likely that Causantín's (Constantine I) reign witnessed increased activity by Vikings, based in Ireland, Northumbria and northern Britain. He died fighting one such invasion.

King Constantine I of Scotland reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
King Constantine I Flag of Scotland Scotland 13 April 862 877
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