Information about King García Ramírez of Viguera

King García Ramírez of Viguera ((unknown) - 1006)

García Ramírez (Basque: Gartzea Ramirez) was the third and last King of Viguera, from around 1002 until his death after 1005. From 991 he appears in royal charters of his uncle Sancho II, along with his brother Sancho Ramírez. It is unclear if he was acting as co-king or only took control of Viguera at his brother's death, about 1002. Little is known about his reign, other than his marriage to a woman named Toda.

King García Ramírez of Viguera reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Gartzea Ramirez (King García Ramírez) Viguera 1002 1006
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
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