Information about King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden

King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden (11 October 1882 - 15 September 1973)

Gustaf VI Adolf (Oscar Fredrik Wilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf) was King of Sweden from 29 October 1950 until his death. He was the eldest son of King Gustaf V and his wife, Victoria of Baden, and had been Crown Prince of Sweden for the preceding 43 years in the reign of his father.

The title and styles used by King Gustaf VI Adolf during his lifetime were:

11 November 1882 – 8 December 1907: "His Royal Highness The Duke of Skåne, Prince of Sweden"
8 December 1907 – 29 October 1950: "His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Sweden, Duke of Skåne"
29 October 1950 – 15 September 1973: "His Majesty The King of Sweden".

The royal style used in official documents was: "Gustaf Adolf, med Guds nåde, Sveriges, Götes och Vendes Konung" ("Gustaf Adolf, by the Grace of God, Sweden's, Gothia's and Wendia's King").

King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden reigned in...
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King Gustaf VI Adolf Flag of Sweden Sweden 29 October 1950 15 September 1973
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